NEP - Natural Ethical Product

The current trend in the world says that once an imbalance in the body is created, one should take individual products, which might eliminate the consequence given time.

Lavamedicus products are based on eliminating the cause of the imbalances in the body. When the body is cured only by addressing to the consequences, it does not establish a stronger immune system for a longer period of time.

The ethic that goes into the product is to give the user time to change his habits before those habits change his life.

100% Natural

All supreme natural ingredients

All ingredients in our products are carefully selected. That is why we aim to find the best suppliers in the EU that are the best on the field. All this enables us that our products are of the best quality. Our suppliers all have the adequate certificates, regulated business systems of the highest quality and security for the production of medicinal herbs and extracts, and also for the dietary supplements and medical devices (EN ISO 9001:2008, EC 834/2007 (BIO), EEC 183/2005, HACCP, EN ISO 13485:2003+AC:2009, 93/42/EEC, GAP, GLP, GMP).

Vegan Capsules

Powerful HPMC capsules

We use only high quality and high performance HPMC (or Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose or Hypromellose) capsules of plant origin (Vcaps) from the company Capsugel, that meet the requirements of different lifestyles and nutritional requirements.

With support of the information from our suppliers and other available information, we confirm that the packaging material is suitable for food contact according to: EU 2002/72/EC, EU 1935/2004 and FDA 21 CFR 177.1520.

The advantages of HPMC capsules (Vcaps):
• low moisture content, making them suitable for components that are sensitive to moisture
• negligible risk of cross-reactions with the ingredients
• elastic polymer structure, which provides high-quality processing
• containing only two components Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) and water
• no additives of any gelling agents or excipients
• physico stable and resistant to heat and humidity
• chemically stable formulation
• are Kosher and Halal certified
• have a certificate of vegetarians and vegans Society
• Designed in accordance with cGMP guidelines
• company has a certified quality system and traceability of raw materials