Oregano is a natural wonder herb that fights bacteria. Studies on different types of oregano show that these herbs are capable of destroying bacteria primarily due to the high content of phenol substances in its cellular structure. Phenols found in oregano are active against organisms that are highly resistant not only to a particular antibiotic, but to several classes of antibiotics.

Purely natural bioactive ingredient in ˝BACTERIXS” OREGANO is encapsulated into SILICA EARTH with the special production technology for your organism´s defence.

Daily dose:
Take 3 x 1 capsule with a sufficient amount of water.

Recommended daily dose:
3 x 3 capsules with a sufficient amount of water.

Its recommended to take the dosage on empty stomach (in the morning and before bedtime) with a sufficient amount of water to achieve an improved absorption.

The product is not recommended for children under 15 years of age.

Packaging: 100 capsules



Sladjana M.

The fast pace and way of life has resulted in an incorrect diet and at increased quantity of the intake of sugary foods, which have fulfilled a short-term desire of hunger and consequently created the conditions for the bad bacteria. In September 2012, this body began to resist and by inflammation of the bladder, this condition repeated 2 more times at intervals of 3 months. Red light has turned on and said to myself that it is necessary to truly change the way of eating and to slow pace of life. I made a 2-month fast (no carbs, sweets, etc.), exhausted the body and quite unintentionally lost weight and remained without energy, etc . After that I went to a bioresonance, where they find the presence of bacteria Candida. I wanted to continue along the path of normal eating (lots of vegetables, fruit, full-grain goods, etc.), but without diets and fast which just exhaust the body. Following the recommendation of the partner I used ˝BACTERIXS˝ (based on a double activated siliceous earth or zeolite combined with compatible blend of herbs), which contains a double activated siliceous earth and concentrate of the best oregano, which destroys bad bacteria in the blood and also fungi. Beside using the ˝BACTERIXS˝ I have also used ˝BASIC˝ that has helped me completely clean or detoxify the whole digestive tract. The effects were evident already after 3 days and since then I constantly use BACTERIXS and also other Lava medicus products. With the ˝GREEN MIRACLE˝ I further improved the digestion and well-being, with the ˝BRAIN POWER˝ I have raised up the concentration and improved a memory capacity, which has helped me in the realization of business projects. Extremely grateful for the best products which allowed me to live a healthy and to end with the bad habits – for example - candies which I have not tried from 2012, except very rarely a dark chocolate with 85% cocoa particles.  


Measures nitrate level in fruit and vegetables



Checks a level of gamma radiation in environment, radio contaminated material and food



Controls glucose level in blood without any pain